About Us

We love cycling, the pathway we were about to take in 2007 couldn't have been clearer. We were a family merrily pedaling around the area until one day, back in 2007 we saw an empty shop in Worcester Park High Street. We made inquiries and then the more we discussed it, the more natural a leap of faith it became. Within the year Cycle Power was open. As passionate cyclists we knew what we liked from our experiences of cycle shops AND we knew what we didn't. We set about building a business around what we would expect from a great cycle shop. It was this that delivered our free six-week after sale check up programme, which we have stuck to all these past 5 years.

Our ethos is simple, you want to cycle, we want to keep you cycling and because we know what that takes we have hundreds of loyal customers across our Boroughs that come back again and again, for advice and products. And a big secret we can share: even the team from a well known cycle chain have recommended us!

We have an on-site workshop with Cytech qualified mechanics to add that extra and cutting edge knowledge to our already great understanding of all things bike. Whether it be bikes for the kids or cutting edge tech for triathletes we know what is needed. From the right bike to the right maintenance and support. We love cycling we want you to too.